About Us

Virtual Office About Immediate ReceptionImmediate Reception has been established since 1997 to provide customer service and streamline communications on behalf of any organization, large or small.

The Owners

Rowan Gosper has 27 years professional experience in the telecommunication industry. His expertise is on hand to assist you with any telecommunication difficulty you may have. Rowan’s assistance may range from technical assistance to advice on a better way of streamlining your business communication system.

Barbara Gosper has been a Customer Care Professional for 20 years. Barbara said “We introduced Immediate Reception to allow business’ to do what they do best while we answer their phones and help them grow. It’s efficient and cost effective.

Immediate Reception staff will be briefed about your business to ensure we assist you to secure more business.

Immediate Reception will give you a professional image without the overheads. We will give you time to get work done or relax without interruption. We’ll make sure your field staff return home safely and dispatch work to your staff as required.