Whether your business is large or small or you need full time, part time or even an occasional receptionist, we’ll have a Multi Award Winning Virtual Receptionist Service to suit you.

We’ll make your bookings, take detailed messages, announce and on-transfer your calls just as you would expect an on-site receptionist.

We’ll save you time, enhance your customer experience and increase your staff safety.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing we’re working for you, building bigger business call by call.

  • Calls are answered in your business name.
  • Calls may be directed according to your staff members name or department.
  • With each person or department we will follow your protocols to manage your calls.
  • A message emailed may also be cc’d to others of your choice e.g to a Sales Representative and the Sales Manager.
  • We’ll provide information to your callers on your behalf.
  • We’re polite, friendly because people like to deal with people.