I’d like to have my calls answered by Virtual Office. What does it cost?

We’re flexible to meet your needs. Prices for our personalised messaging service start from $48.00 per month. For more complex requirements, emergency or diary management we tailor a service to suit your needs.
For a complementary review of your requirements or to ask us any further questions not covered here, email us on office@virtualoffice.net.au or call 0266266999. International 001161266266999

How are calls answered?

We answer calls in the name of your business according to your preferred wording. For example “welcome to …. this is Barbara speaking, how may I help you?”
Or “Congratulations, you’ve reached………” my name is Barbara, how may I help you.

How are 24/7 operations handled?

We are a completely Australian Reception Centre. All of our staff come to our office when rostered on. We’re small enough avoid the “call centre” impressions but big enough to ensure we’re there when you need us with courtesy promptness and efficiency. Our staff take pride in their work and understand what you expect of us. We work for you.

Can I change my package?

Yes! We understand that business requirements change. You can change your package at the end of any month for the next month’s service. This allows you to budget and tailor the service to meet your business needs.
We still want to be able to receive our personal calls at home even if our number is diverted to you. Can you connect our personal calls to us and hold all business calls ?

Absolutely we can, and many of our small business customers prefer to operate this way. We can take a message for all business calls and transfer your personal calls back to your home. It’s the perfect solution to keep your office responsive while letting you relax at home without paying additional staff.

How Will I Receive My Messages?

We can send your messages to you by SMS and/or email once we have completed the call. Or, for urgent calls or VIP customers we will call you, announce the call and then transfer the caller to you.

Can you manage situations and treat different types of calls with a different process?

Yes we can. We determine the nature of the call and direct it according to your instructions and those of the particular staff member. Your staff will receive emails and/or SMS notifications about the calls (or we’ll transfer the call to them if this is what your process requires), and we can also send a copy of all messages to a manager if wanted.

Am I locked into a contracted time period to use the services?

No lock in contracts here! We want you stay with us because you want to, not because you have to. We believe in never giving you a reason to leave so we make sure our services meet your needs, every time.

What happens if I’m out of the office or with clients, and you receive an urgent call for me or a new enquiry?

We take pride in our “thinking ability”. We work with you to achieve your goals and if an urgent call is received we’ll do our best to contact you. Our aim is to make your life easier and there will be times when “thinking out of the box” is required.

How easy is it to get started?

It’s simple to get started! Just complete our start up package, send it back and we’ll issue your unique number that you can divert your phone to. We’ll program our system according to your call management requirements then we’ll be ready to receive your calls.

What sort of businesses can use Virtual Office?

Immediate Reception Virtual Office services are suitable for any business that need extra office support but doesn’t want the hassle of recruiting dedicated staff. If you need calls answered and managed to your specifications at any time of the day or night, we’re here to help.

Do you need to answer all of my calls or can you answer them if I’m on another call or don’t get to the phone in time?

We answer your calls however and whenever you want us to. If you only want us to answer the calls you can’t get to, or calls that come in when you’re already on the phone, you simply need to divert calls on busy or no answer.

How do I divert my phone to Virtual Office?

Divert all calls

Once you’re set up, simply divert your advertised line to the number we allocate to you by following these easy steps:
1. Lift the handset of your phone (or if you have a PABX, select the line you want to divert.)
2. Dial *21, followed by the number we allocated, then #

You will hear a voice recording, saying your call forwarding is activated.

To turn off your diversion for all calls, just dial #21#

Divert on no answer (delayed diversion)

1. Lift the handset of your phone (or if you have a PABX, select the line you want to divert.)
2. Dial *61, followed by the number we allocated, then *5 (to divert after 5 seconds) or *10 (to divert after 10 seconds), then #

To turn off your diversion on no answer, just dial #24#

Divert on busy

1. Lift the handset of your phone (or if you have a PABX, select the line you want to divert.)
2. Dial *24, followed by the number we allocated, then #

To turn off your diversion on busy, just dial #24#